About us

580x390y_Vier_FreundeThe history of the HOT ROD CITY TOUR® began with two questions:

“What is that genius?”
and “Can I rent them?”

We were on Hamburg’s streets with our first WENCKSTERN © Mini HotRods and soon we realized: “Hamburg needs a station that offers tours in the WENCKSTERN ©.” The basic idea of ​​the HOT ROD CITY TOUR® was born. A city tour of a different kind, in a vehicle that has never existed like this. After the start of our first location in 2013 in Hamburg, at the landing bridges, the HOT ROD CITY TOUR® is now represented in Germany, Holland and Spain.

Nevertheless, we are still looking for positive insane with gasoline in the blood who want to become part of the HOT ROD CITY TOUR® family. Just register and send us information about the following form.