In addition to the use of classic advertising spaces, you can also become a partner of the HOTROD CITYTOUR® and with appropriate brandings on all advertising media, our website and of course permanently on the vehicles. In addition, you can use our vehicles for your new advertising campaign, incentive events and promotours across Germany within the framework of such a partner package – we would be pleased to advise you individually.

incentives & firmenevents

Employee incentive or customer loyalty measure – A company event with our HotRods is in any case a sustainable event where the fun is guaranteed. Of course, we also come to you with our HotRods. For this, we offer you the complete planning and logistics support.



The variety of advertising opportunities in urban areas has increased enormously in recent years. It has become all the more important that mobile space, in particular, is not at all costs attracted by attention, but also perceived positively and less as harassment. The “Mini” HotRods are modeled on your models from the USA of the 1950s. For the youth of that time, the fun with the rebellious vehicle creations was clearly the focus. Also in our concept for the respective city is the lightness and joy an essential part of the idea – that is coming!

imagetransfer – inclusive

Anyone who sees our Rods in the city can hardly escape a smile and not often jump tourists with their cameras in front of the car and start a conversation. The appearance of 12 vehicles in a group has, in addition to the “scurrilous view in the otherwise normal cityscape”, an infectious and encroaching effect which you can use for your next campaign purposefully.

full service
With our marketing partner, we are also able to plan and implement larger concepts with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and make a non-binding test ride.
basic information:
Single / Fleet Assignment There are at least 14 vehicles available per station, 1-14 vehicles are possible.
Fleet layout: In Germany, Spain and the Netherlands about 300 vehicles are in leasing.
Inquiries for inter-International actions please contact info@weckstern.comregional national / international:
Aachen, Flensburg, Hamburg, Münster, Mallorca, Munich, Nijmegen, East Friesland

Vollfolierung Subfolder side / rear

contacts / day
Per vehicle about 25,000 Total

approximately 200

technical specifications
Our Hot Rods are driven without exception within the HOT ROD CITY TOUR® in guided group formations of around 12 vehicles. The various tours in the city area are designed according to attractions (hot spots) and traffic-friendliness. Each tour, including introduction, is planned for approx. 2 hours. On average, there are 5 trips per day.

In the summer, 2 more and the Moonlight tours will be added, so that our vehicles arrive at almost 14 hours / day of operation and 189 kilometers / day.

On the example of Hamburg, this means that in 2013 the actual 5,000 hours of operational time and approximately 56,268 kilometers traveled!

In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, there are now further stations in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, some of which are still under construction. We would like to ask you for the current location.

for bookings in Germany and Spain
info@hotrod-citytour-nijmegen.com for bookings in the Netherlands